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Hi innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers!

I'm not like you. I do not like innkeeping. I thought I might, but after just a few guests decided it wasn't for me. I'd rather live in a small house with just my dogs and my hubby, and invite guests over when I feel like it.  But in this forum, I would guess (and hope) I'm the odd woman out!

Here's how it is. My husband and I are currently leasing-to-own our property in upstate NY (Fingerlakes Region) from my father. We landed on the 5-acre farm after we graduated with degrees in sustainable agriculture. We're working on starting up a goat dairy, producing goat cheese, yogurt, and milk for sale at the farm and at local grocery stores. We also have a successful goat milk soap making business that we've been running from the farm. Our property has an approximately 2000sf house (the inn), an 800sf rental house, our milking house/farm store, and lots of adorable goats in a big old barn. The innkeepers quarters include an office, a bedroom, a full bath, a living room in the back of the house, a private entrance & mudroom, and a fenced-in backyard. The inn spaces include a spacious living room/dining room combination, an EXQUISITE industrial kitchen (all granite, skylights, 2-part oven, 6 gas burners, skillet on the stove--I hate to give this up...), three guest rooms upstairs (all with private baths, two with jacuzzi tubs), and a gazebo outside.

We tried doing the B&B thing, but neither of us really likes it, and we both have other full-time jobs besides the farm and soap businesses. The 2000sf house is too big for us, and it's a shame to lose all of that potential revenue by living in it all by ourselves. Additionally, we're very close to the Finger Lakes Wine Trail, and a few hundred feet down the road a new microbrewery is going in-increasing the attractiveness of our location. Our property is the perfect location for a B&B: you'll bring customers to our farm, and we'll bring in customers to your B&B; all of our advertising will be mutually beneficial. 

We're not sure about how leasing would work, what the rent would be, etc. Just looking for someone who might be interested in running a B&B at our farm! (And if it wasn't clear before, we would live in completely separate houses; you would have the inn and we would have the 800sf rental). Check out our links below to see more...


I wouldn't mind taking a look at your operation.  Can you send some photo's and more info?

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I am certain you will get takers - however make sure you have a clear contract of what is required by you and what is required for them to do ie does bb include all yard work and so on - we have a regular on here who is employed on a similar basis - they fired the gardener and do it all themselves saving owner considerably but get no credit - and its "not in their contract" and so on - have a sit down and be really clear on duties, pay and requirements - plus - give up revenue - if you are paying someone it may be that you only break even.


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A lot of times, break even is better than a loss. Perhaps for the first year having them cover the taxes and all B & B expenses and then a percentage of the take for you - talking through my hat right now, just throwing out ideas. The start-up year is the hardest as you both get the feel of things. It has to have enough incentive for the innkeeper(s) to do it. One thing - having tried it and not liking it, you at least have a taste of what they will be doing and therefore more understanding of what is entailed than the average Joe.

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