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We now need a counter article for "Innkeeping is not for wimps"

Would anyone like to write this one, about the best parts of innkeeping. ?

We can share on innteractive inns blog, and all social media with a link to your inn/fb page etc.

I put the BAD BOY one together, so now it is your turn.  Or we can get a couple and smash them together with links to both. 

If you need help, perhaps the forum can post a one line or two line below about their favorite part of innkeeping.




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pasted from the other topic on REWARDS of Innkeeping that Sunshine Started: 

Imagine if EVERYONE HERE shared the positive rewards of innkeeping? This is what we are talking about. People will comment, but where is their list? Give us YOUR LIST.

Here is my top 10:

#1 Being home for my family

#2 Being my own boss/Shortest commute on the planet

#3 Being able to be as creative as I wish, in any way that I wish

#4 Meeting people I would never meet otherwise, from all walks of life, with varied interests and experience

#5 Making people feel good, with a cup of coffee and a warm handshake from us. Serving others.

#6 Learning new things, expanding my knowledge (this is due to marketing/tourism)

#7 Excelling in my own environment (being as good or bad as I want to be, I want to be great)

#8 Having a great cluster of innmates that I can share with, laugh with, complain with (that live nowhere near me)

#9 Being shocked and surprised on a regular basis (no two days are alike)

#10 Having fun!

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Also let me add that I am an economic impact in the economy of my small city

I have made my small city a tourist destination which gives me a sense of accomplishment

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We get to be stewards of a beautiful historic property

We get to share information about an area we love

I get to hear compliments on my cooking

We get to build good memories

We get to restore the weary

We feel a sense of accomplishment

Oh, and they say that keeping the brain stimulated keeps you young....I must be getting younger every day!



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  • Short commute to work
  • Days off are at my discretion (yes, even in season I CAN close up shop)
  • I choose my coworkers
  • Breakfast made for me everyday
  • A really nice house in a really expensive neighborhood
  • Conversations with complete strangers on a variety of topics
  • Feeling that there is a real contribution in what I do
  • Interesting work
  • Great band of innmates
  • Being a real part of a community


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.



Keep em comin'!  (Thanks K for your list)  Smiling

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Why I Love Innkeeping

• The thermometer says it is 10 degrees outside and I do not have to start my car to go to work
• I meet people from all over the world
• I meet people in many occupations- some who are famous in “their world”
• A guest told us about post-polio syndrome and we were able to tell a guest her problem was NOT “in her head” as doctors said, she had post-polio (and she really did)
• I get to see the smile on faces when they see a lovely room
• I get to hear compliments on my cooking
• I get to thank the spouse of a Military person for the service the spouse gave to this Country
• I get to stand (unseen) on the porch and hear the man who left here a week ago get out of his car and say, “It feels so good to be home!”
• I get to hear people tell me how much they needed to get away to a place like this
• I get to hear a repeat guest calling to say – Please tell me you have a room! We NEED to get out of town!
• I get to plan day trips
• I get to see the tight, pinched, tense faces that arrived be full of smiles and laughter and regret they have to go as they depart
• I get to touch many lives and be touched by theirs

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