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Parkville adult-themed bed and breakfast closes, for sale
Kansas City Star
The telephone for bed-and-breakfast, which Byers had been leasing, has been disconnected and the website is no longer functioning. It closed mid-February and the owners have put the property up for sale, said Mila Blurton, a real estate agent with ...


EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton to Open a Bed-and-Breakfast
Life & Style Weekly
Life & Style has learned that after purchasing a building on Main Street in their hometown of Tishomingo, Okla., for $180,000, the couple are devoting some TLC to revive their small town's economy. “We plan on turning it into a bed-and-breakfast ...


Fran Ralli's Box marmalade shreds opposition at world championships
This is Bath
Fran Ralli, from Lorne House bed and breakfast, has walked away with a silver award at the eighth World's Original Marmalade Awards for her home-made Seville marmalade. . Fran Ralli. The marmalade was entered into the bed and breakfast category.


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1)  Ooooo....ickyyyy.. gross....makes the flesh crawl!

2)  Good Luck...

3) Yummm, love marmalade


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Seriously, cameras were provided in the bedrooms???? Creepy!

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There used to be a hotel in Europe somewhere where you could stay for free... but the cameras in the room were on at all times, you agreed not to block them and people paid to watch on a website. Very odd.


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