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This is a continuation of the facebook epic burn thread ... I was most curious to see the owners reaction to the criticism.  You know when you sign on for these shows that you are going to be critiqued, criticized, slammed but hopefully helped ... because they come in to tell you how bad your place is and then amazingly fix it up into greatness.   I find this guy much more tolerable than the one who does the restaurant nightmare type show.

Why was it so hard for the couple to listen, to even listen ... during this particular scene?

You see them fighting on camera over and over again.

I can see she is crying and fighting it ... and it must be so terribly hard not to jump to defend yourself

and we all know how hard it is NOT to respond to negative comments on review sites. 

sad, really.

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This woman didn't even think about considering what C.R. was saying! 


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I don't care to waste my time on these type of reality shows. I have better things to do.

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I think the gist of it is they only went on the show to prove the critics wrong. They did not want, nor think they needed, GR's help for anything other than proving they were right all along. From what I read, they wanted him to come in, look around, tell them all was perfect and he didn't even understand why they asked for help.

Of course they were not going to get that. His show is about HIM being in charge, YOU falling over yourself to fix everything and the drama when you decide you don't want to listen. They missed part of the script...



Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.


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