Strange day

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2:42pm-phone call

Guest - "We have reservation with you for today (3 days stay) and we are 3 hours away"

Me -thinking -Check in was for 4-5pm-well, they will be late

Guest -"Do we need a passport to cross the border?"

Me-"Yes you do. We are in different countries."

Guest-"We do not have them with us and home is 7 hours away, I may need to cancel-will call you back"


Guest-"you were right, we need passports. We can not get to you so I need to cancel."

Me-"You are well past your cancellation deadline. I will try to re book it but if I am not successfully your credit card will be charged for all days that you booked"

guest-"we'll my husband has heart attack, we can not get to your place"

me-"that is why we strongly recommend that you purchase a travel insurance. You will need to take it with your insurance"

guest-"my husband will call back to speak with the manager!"

me-"I am the owner"


4:56-phone call

guest-"called you earlier. We will be coming now, arriving at 7:30pm"

me (thinking)-what happened-fund passports and husband is not having heart attack ?!!!

We see in 1 hour what will happen.

Second caller reservation made in February for 2 days week end-2days minimum stay

guest-"have reservation with you for next week end for 2 days-want to change it to 1 day."

me-"sorry, we have minimum 2 days stay especially on week ends in the summer."

guest-"but your website says you allow last minute 1 night reservation"

me -thinking-last minute within 3 days of arrival-that is for reservation not for making adjustment to your February reservation

me-"you are welcome to keep your reservation for 2 days, minimum stay or I will gladly cancel it for you with no penalty.

guest-"but I will not have a room for that 1 night!"

me-"no, you will not. We have minimum 2 days stay. If I cancel just one day for you I will end up with one other night I can not rebook."

guest-"I need to see. How late can I call you?"

me -thinking-just cancel so I can re book 2 days-I know I can do it in a flash.

With my luck -she will call after 11pm -we are in the same time zone!!

To add to it-a couple of branches on the backyard tree snapped 3 days ago-need a tree specialist. Placed the call 3 days ago-nobody bothered to return the call. As I was making the last effort to reach them (had them a number of times before-no problem) -somebody picked up the phone. Promised to drop in o see within 1 hour-2+ hours-steel waiting!!!

Not my day today!


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I feel for you.  Some days are just not worth answering the phone for 


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..."
Mark Twain



First guest arrived like nothing happened even before the time. DH checked them in, I stayed away, out of sight.

Second guest cancelled-I should not have a problem filling that in-we are full beside that and I still have 1week.


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I would have totally been all over the husband with concern over his "heart attack".  "Oh my goodness, are you ok?  Did you go to the hospital?  Are you sure you're up for this trip?"  jerks...

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Rough day! Glad you're hanging in there on your policies!


All saints can do miracles, but few of them can keep hotel. ~ Mark Twain


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