Are You Sending Signals That You’re Not Worth Doing Business With?

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I was surprised by the content of this article, and it is a really good read! For so many here that I know who sell themselves are awesome!


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With all of the stunned walk-ins we get here I think I have learned to just point them to the place that charges what they want to spend rather than worrying we're charging too much.

We're very clear about what a room costs and what stuffing it full of extra people is going to cost. And yet, the guilters are out there. One guy who said, when I asked had he seen there was a charge for extra people, 'I guess we'll just have to manage even though the listing says the room is for 3 people, I guess you have to charge.'

Right buddy, I have to charge. It's worth it to me to be sure I get paid for my work.

And another person who told me another inn was willing to charge her for her twin kids as if they were only one kid. I told her that sounded like a really good deal and she should call them right back.

But I still compare myself to other places and realize there are places you get more (but not for less money, those folks staying there are paying for the privilege!)

And I now tell lookie lous that they are welcome to call back until 9 PM, after that they can reserve the room they decide on online.

Same thing for calls from the road that 'we'll be right there!' You can have the room with a credit card on file.

Our time is worth something!


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We have an unusual 7-night vacancy next week in our ocean view cottage but I refuse to give it away to fill it.  Nope...won't do that.  It is worth every $ we charge.  We will break the week up for 2 shorter reservations, but the nightly rate is higher than the weekly rate because I will have a change over and MY TIME IS WORTH IT!

So when a women called yesterday after seeing our vacancy on line, and ooohhed and aaahhed for 10 minutes on  phone about how perfect the cottage was for her, and it had everything she wanted...but she only wanted to pay 40% of the rate.  WHAT?  You have got to be kidding me.  Yup, she already had a reservation at a small cabin and that's what they charged.  She would immediately cancel her cabin reservation if we could give her that rate.  She thought we would gladly take the pittance to fill it.  

I kindly suggested that she keep her cabin reservation and enjoy her vacation.  Bye 


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One of the most valuable things I've read in a long time. Some of it hit like a sledgehammer.


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