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I need some Help and  insight into B&B associations. Would you please share with us what you would like your association to be like. What do you expect them to do for you as an owner . What do you hope they will do for your investments. I am looking for more the small associations . State more then country wide.

Our s is under some changes needed. But at this point they are not sure where to take it. We have been having big problems in trying to find some one to lead it on. Also finding people to carry the load needed. How much involvement does your members have? Does your association have any paid staff?

I like to thank any one you for help you maybe able to share with us.




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What our state association does - has a website with listings (not the best website in the world), keeps us up to date on what's going on in the state house in re laws we need to know about, advocates for innkeepers in the capital. They go to any and all travel-type conventions around the state and the region.

There are 3 paid employees and a board of directors who are volunteers.

They are essentially our voice in the state house.

They do not do inspections at inns. They don't have a tourist info center but you can call the office to ask questions.


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Welcome to the world of associations. Input from members - mostly = 0

Workload done by = the same 10 people (all volunteer - no compensation for travel but expenses for registration/lodging for Governor's Tourism Conference are paid for Marketing Chair and usually the President)

Dues = $125 per year for 6 rooms or less for which you get:

  • your own web page w/4 photos, up to 4 (or is it 5) Specials with links to inn's web site and e-mail
  • Marketing in online & State magazines
  • have published a Directory of members since 2004
  • advocacy with Legislature
  • great relationship with Tourism
  • oppotrunities for co-op ads

What do I expect to get? another web presence, advocacy. networking, co-op marketing opportunities

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We have a committee of 6 which are all unpaid - one meeting a quarter

we pay £65 per year which is the equivalent of 1 cheap room night so is not considered to burdensome

We have our own web site (www.accommodationharrogate.co.uk) and do limited advertising.

Most of the benefit to be honest comes from myself and the chairwoman who are members of several important town groups and make sure accommodation providers interests are represented and pushed where we can.

The chair for example is on the board of the new destination management organisation Visit Harrogate which has its own web site, various marketing arms and is building a new conference desk to book meetings and events in all venues in town (on a commission basis)

One of our most valuable tools and is free to operate is an email ring ie I sent out an email this morning saying I had a double room for tonight - my neighbour sent me a couple to fill it - much more than paid for my membership in one referal


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