Laundry service or Do it Yourself?

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Hello fellow Inn Keepers,


I imagine this is something that comes up quite often. We are currently looking into buying all new sheets for our B&B and sourcing them from Comphy. While we are getting a great deal with them and the quality seems excellent, what are your thoughts regarding using a service that provides sheets and towels vs doing it yourself?

Obviously when you use a service you are saving on time, water, electricity and detergent.

Would love to get your thoughts on this question.
Thank you


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I do my own laundry.

I'm doing other stuff while the laundry is running,so not a lot of time involved. Even if I used a laundry, I'd still have to strip and make the bed, so that time doesn't count. 

The cost of, water, electricity and detergent is pennies/load so I don't give it a thought. It's definitely cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

But I don't have 10 rooms like you do, so your case is different.


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we have a full service - they provide everything 100% cotton - just send it back dirty twice a week and comes back clean and ironed - sometimes we send out 20 bags I ain't washing and ironing that!


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We use a laundry service that washes our sheets, towels, etc... We own the linens and have to maintain the inventory ourselves; they just pick up, wash, dry, press, fold, and deliver....

We know another laundry service that washes their sheets, towels, etc... which they rent to you.


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