PAII Must Be Desperate

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I just received this e-mail:


I am emailing on behalf of the Professional Innkeepers International (PAII). Merchant Services, LTD is now the preferred provider for credit card processing through the organization. In an effort to strengthen and grow PAII, Merchant Services, LTD has agreed to pay for your membership renewal.
Send us your last three months of merchant statements, once boarded, we will pay for your membership renewal ($249.00).
If we cannot beat your current rate, not only will we pay for your renewal, we will ALSO send you a check in the amount of $249.00 for taking the time to send in your statements.
In a contract with your current provider? NO WORRIES!!! Send in those statements anyway! We may be able to buy it out!


I replied I don't think so. 


Here is the ad for it:


I don't think this is PAII, just some numchuck trying to get a foot in the door...


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Maybe, but the ass. is a royal mess at the moment. It's imploding from within and leaving people with more questions than answers. 

When you are a profit based corporation trying to suggest that you want donations, something is seriously wrong. I'm waiting to see Citibank asking for donations, too.


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Huh, I didn't receive that either. Here is the latest from Pete on the PAII forum:

Subject: Addressing the Confusion (DIA & PAII)
Hi, I’m Pete Holladay and I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss the confusion of late with events happening at PAII. My wife and I own a share of Distinguished Inns Alliance (DIA) and in January I was elected to the DIA Board of Managers and subsequently elected its President. A brief history on DIA is being assembled and will soon be forthcoming.

I also need to apologize for the unanswered emails that many of you have sent. To this minute, I have not received the first one. There apparently is some glitch and they have not been coming through. Maybe we can get the folks in Washington to help us out!

100% of the shares of PAII are owned by DIA (Distinguished Inns Alliance). The shareholders of DIA are: Lewis & Phebe Holladay, Townsend & Jane Holt, Bob Hope, Sue Moore, NC Inn Brokers, George Newman, PAII, Jerry & Mary Phillips, Leonard & Alice Schiller, John Shirey, Stafford & Janice Smith, and Lisa Sotebeer.

The current Board of Directors of PAII is: Pete Holladay, Sue Moore, Connie Munden, Jerry Phillips, and Scott Thomas. Short biographies should be on the PAII website this week. They are all dedicated to PAII and no changes in PAII’s mission are contemplated. The Board is extremely busy working with the PAII staff to get up to speed to make sure attendees at the Conference have a wonderful experience – one that PAII has always been
noted for.

We acknowledge that the recent changes at PAII have not been easy for all concerned. Moving forward now becomes imperative. Here’s how the Board of PAII plans to accomplish it.
The services innkeepers receive from the PAII office will be there for you, uninterrupted.
The Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show will go on as planned with the same schedule of events and enthusiasm.
PAII will form a search committee to find a new President/CEO.
Pete Holladay was elected to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is well known in the industry and will work well with the staff of PAII.
The financial status of PAII will be thoroughly examined with the aim of greater transparency in the future of its income and expenses.
PAII has been a for-profit business since its inception 25 years ago. The Board is open to examining scenarios whereby PAII could be non-profit.
The Board supports the concept of Better Way to Stay. After a thorough review of the program we hope to see the concept flourish and expand.
Our intent is to provide the best management possible to keep PAII alive and well.
All efforts will be made to keep PAII responsive to its members and set it on a course of further growth and service.
Cards will be available at the Innkeeping Conference encouraging attendees to email pertinent questions or suggestions to PAII at


Discussion? What does this mean? They are saying JK didn't run it correctly????



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I also need to apologize for the unanswered emails that many of you have sent. To this minute, I have not received the first one. There apparently is some glitch and they have not been coming through.


LOL makes my day.. Really: No email since this started? As CEO? When I worked for corporate (USA) that would be the end of it.....


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Sounds fishy to me!


HUH??  if you didnt know who this came from, i would suspect a scammer and delete....BUT... I WOULD STILL DELETE!

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