Top 10 reasons your innkeeper was 'rude, grumpy, inhospitable'

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Just making some notes here for the next reviewer who gives us grief for not being little Mary sunshine, saying if we can't hack the job we should move on:

  • My dog just died. I mean just. As in, in my arms 5 minutes ago.
  • One of my parents is in the hospital and I'm frantically trying to find someone to cover for me.
  • My kid had a climbing accident in another state and I can't reach anyone for info.
  • My husband just crashed his motorcycle on the busiest weekend of the summer and I need to get everything done alone plus visit him, handle the family phone calls and talk to the insurance to make sure they'll pay for the hospital. (They didn't) 
  • My partner died last night but I couldn't cancel your stay, I couldn't reach you.
  • The furnace conked out and the service guy is on vacation.
  • Last night's guests just left and trashed the room to boot.
  • A sibling just got a cancer diagnoses and we've been on the phone for hours taking.
  • It's 10:30 in the morning and you're 5 hours early.
  • I'm human.


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.


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Lock the window that is the fire escape

Trade pillows from another bed so now 2 sets of sheets do not have matching cases

Use something in the sink that turns bright yellow when cleaning agent hits it - have no clue what it was


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Add away.

I think it basically comes down to "I'm human."

But the list is all the things going on being the scenes that we can't walk away from like a regular job where you tell the boss there's an emergency and someone else covers for you.

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Can we add to the list?

My father just died and the funeral is tomorrow.

You booked the smallest room but you brought enough suits and dresses for J. Edgar Hoover.

You called after 10PM and expected that I would be up manning the phones.

You called at 8AM and expected that I would have time to talk to you about your plans, serve breakfast, brew coffee, clean rooms and do the laundry while picking wildflowers from the garden.

You and your partner showed up with 2 children in tow, booked into a room for 2 and somehow you imagine that I'm supposed to magically be able to have them sleep on floating beds in the room.

There are three guests who decided to go into my private quarters while I was trying to serve breakfast.

You said you would arrive at 3PM and it's now 8PM. Sorry about breakfast, but I couldn't go out shopping, since I was waiting for you. Enjoy the cereal.


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