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In the painting "Loud Noise" thread, the conversations about storage and giving things away and what to keep got me thinking.

This past weekend, we achieved something we'd never been good at - the "one comes in, one goes out' theory of decorating and furnishing.

Over the winter, we purchased rocking chairs for the front porch.  We just put them out this past weekend (they look fantastic, I'm happy to say.)   But what to do with the porch furniture that is already there? We walked the yard, rearranged the back patio, looked over the empty spots on the grass.  Finally decided, WE DON'T NEED IT!   It has done its job and it's time to retire!

I put in on a local FB group for free and it was picked up before 10 AM.  

Feeling free of 'stuff!'   Patio furniture doesn't own me!   Smiling

Good for K and all who are cleaning out.   It isn't always easy, but it feels good.




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TheBeachHouse wrote:

It has done its job and it's time to retire!

A few months ago I settled on that for knickknacks around the house. Things people have given me over the years, thing's I've picked up as souvenirs, thing's I don't cherish anymore, if ever, things that are just one more thing to have to dust.

So I adopted the thought, I've enjoyed it for years, now it's time to let somebody else enjoy it. I got rid of about 20 items and don't miss them one bit!

And no, Joey Bloggs, I didn't get rid of the shells you gave me from the James River. I'll cherish those forever!


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My theory is that many, many times my mother said she wanted to clear out the house. It would have been easier had she done that, but I know a lot of the stuff no longer meant anything to her.


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