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So I am finally now I have some actual staff who can be left unsupervised for more than 10 mins together. starting to write my book on advice for potential B&B owners.

I've got as a chapter questions guests ask and how to answer them politely - any suggestions?

INcluded already are arn't you lucky with your location? isn't it great you just do breakfast and then the rest of the day off? where do you live? how much did this cost? did the furniture come with the house? (this is one we get a lot) You must never go on holiday or its friend how do you go on holiday? or do you ever get a day off? (when they leave luggage) can I keep my key so I can get in later? or Will there be someone here to let me in? (well the checking in guests seem to prefer it) 

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Where do people here work?

Is there much to do here? (1-nighters passnig through) - loads, where do I start

When was the house built? - 1912

Was this a B & B when you came here?No, we made it a B& B

Is this your family home? No

As the Official Tourist Info Center for Shinnston, I usually launch into the reasons to come here to visit or to live - all the things we have going on here. Yesterday was the second Wind Down Wednesday - it was cold enough to wear a heavier jacket - but there were people of all ages having a grand time with 2 bands, 2 choices of food vendors, a car cruise-in, and a beer tasting with a nearby brewery. See how easy it is to get me started?

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You're looking for the common questions, right?

  • What time do we have to be in at night? (My answer - whenever you like, I'm not your mother. Then I might toss in - if it's after 11 everyone else may be sleeping.)
  • It must be great having all this space for your family to come visit. (I explain IRS rules about not using your business space for personal use.)
  • Do you do the gardens? Ditto, do you plow the snow? (No, we hire out the lawn mowing and the plowing. Yes, I do the gardens, which is why everything out there is a perennial. Then I laugh.)
  • Did you do the conversion yourself? (No, and we love the guy who did because he put everything where we would have put it if we had done the conversion.)
  • Do you have to be here all day? Do you ever go out? (When there are guests in the house we take turns going out. We don't go together. - which is not a rule here, we just don't feel comfortable going out trying to enjoy ourselves knowing the phone may ring at any moment.)
  • How big is this building?
  • Do you have help? (This is very common. Our housekeeper doesn't come in until breakfast is over so most guests never see him.)
  • Where do you get your recipes? Can I have this one?



Never judge a person's story by the chapter you walked in on.


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i thought i might chime in but you said the ones I was thinking



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