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If you haven't checked out your inn on the new TA please do.  Our featured photo was changed.  

We are #1 (reviewed) in our very tiny area.  One of the nearby inns has gone to Bking, but it hasn't helped their TA visibility in our area.  

Previously another fairly local inn also listed on Bking gained visibility but it doesn't seem to make a difference now. 

Recently a Bking rep stopped by to sign us up.  I didn't bite but the inn that recently changed hands did.  Only the most $$$ inn in our area uses other OTAs.  Doesn't seem to make a difference in their local TA visibility. 


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We ask.  Whenever we slip down a few, we start asking again.   Go for it.  Can't hurt.





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It makes a difference​ for me. If I have no availability on booking, TA bumps my listing to last place. Even if other inns also have no avail on booking.

It more than likely has something to do with their algorithm. You need new reviews, good reviews, and avail (if you are listed on an OTA. If you're not listed, it doesn't seem to matter).

We do not have any recent reviews. I think it's over 6 months since we've had a review. The top rated places all have reviews within the last couple of days.


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