TA Myths: See Number 5

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Dispelling 6 Common TripAdvisor Myths


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I was just about to post a link to this article. Complete rubbish! I really enjoyed reading the comments section. Everyone from the Hampton Inn to B&Bs to restaurants was chiming in to say TA is terrible. 


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Let's handle the article...

1. With so many posted fake reviews, the system isn't catching most of them. In fact, it's catching a lot of the real ones, so less reviews appear all the time.

2. Doesn't matter who owns them, they give anyone who pays them more money preferential treatment, to the point of where it's the money that influences things rather than any impartiality.

3. Free to answer, it is. But no real way to handle fake reviews or reviews full of lies other than answering them as if they are real.

4. Owners can ask people to write reviews, but several of TA policies would require us to violate your privacy. Review express violates many countries privacy laws and anti-spam laws. They literally ask us to give their YOUR email address to do so.

5. Yeah, but it's almost a guarantee it will never be seen, even if it is real.

6. Heck, there is no weight to management telling them it's a fake review either. In fact, a review can pretty much violate their own ToS and they won't remove it.


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