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We had a grouch.   I don't know what kind of person books a B&B by the ocean and can never enjoy herself. 

She had to use three cups to make her coffee. Then left the cups on the coffee bar along with a few small puddles.   I was appalled.   Then I found three MORE cups left on the table on the porch along with similar puddles.  Yuck.

When she left, she wanted a receipt.  Fine.  What room were you in?   "The one with the non-private bath."    Of course, this is a hot button for me (for most of us!)

I said, "All our rooms have private baths!   I would never share a bath when I travel and I would never do that to my guests!"    She said, "You know what I mean, the bath in the hall."   

I said, "Honey!   Can you run a receipt for the Sunset Room?"  

I didn't have a chance to say anything like, Of course the fact the bath is down the hall is reflected in the price - the lowest price in the house.




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Luckily, they are few and far between.


Never judge a person's story by the chapter you walked in on.


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As we sometimes say to each other...... "if they're that miserable when they're on holiday what are they like the rest of the year"


If you wanted hotel facilities you should have booked a hotel and paid hotel prices!!!


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