Future Innkeepers looking to learn the "REAL" business before investing

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We are Gary & Donna and are the proud owners of a small but unique 9 room lodge located here in Colorado.

The reason for this post is simple. We've read, seen and heard of a lot of aspiring innkeepers looking to learn more about the innkeeping business but aren't sure where to go or who to talk to or trust, and we can relate to that. When we purchased our lodge 9 years ago we had absolutely no clue about this business or what it actually looked like to "live" hospitality 24/7. Rehab and maintenance were another mystery. What was it going to take to breath life back into a business that was for all practical purposes "circling the drain" ?

There we were, with no more money after closing on our lodge, no assistance from the sellers, and no innkeeping business experience!!! All we had was excitement, able hands and and idea of what we would like to see happen. If this sounds like you, then we are more than happy to lend a helping hand.

There is an awful lot to learn about day to day operations, functions, OTA's, reservation policies, as well as creating your own business identity.

Please feel free to drop us a line if any of this sounds a little like you or your situation, we're here to help!!!

Blessings and warmest regards,

Gary & Donna...








We are looking for an opportunity at a BnB/Inn. We would love to get to know folks in the community and learn from owners and innkeepers. It is our desire to have an inn of our own one day. Thanks for any feedback .


Paul and Jenn B.


Jenn and Paul


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   Welcome to both of you!  The B&B Team has job wanted section where inns put up notices from all over.  This could be a way to learn the business and see if this is something you want to get involved in.  


Have a great day!


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Sounds like we learned about the same way, liked our area for vacations and just jumped in and became motel operators with little to no money or experience, we've probably reinvented our operation several times in our 25 years. To me one of the keys is to not be too deep in debt and don't go into the business thinking it is an easy way to riches rather than a way to make a life.


Jim & Maxine


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