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If you ever post about other places, restaurants, attractions, nature areas etc. on your B&B FB page, this is for you!  

Learned a lesson today when someone posted, tagging spouse, what a beautiful bar at the B&B.  

We don't have a bar, the photo of the bar was originally posted with a post on a local restaurant in town. 

I think the person posting (future guest) was looking though our FB photos. 

So when you post on your business page things to do or places to eat in your area, make sure you write a description with that photo as well.

All photos are stored in your photo gallery and are no longer connected to the original post.

I now have a big task to go through all my FB photos and add descriptions on every photo. Yikes!

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   I'm sorry that you have this huge task to do but glad to see you again!  Thanks for stopping in with the advice. smiley


Have a great day!


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