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I received the following email from Guestchek this morning (10-18-17) regarding the new website Hotelsuniting.  

Putting this out here per their request to share with the industry.  

Dear Accommodation Provider,

It’s fightback time! has just released the industry’s own online accommodation comparison/review directory.

Both a Website and free APP! (APP being made available to the public late October).

The directory works in a similar manner to the many existing OTA sites in that;

1.       Travellers search options at their planned destination
2.       Travellers can read and write reviews

The directory however will be different from the many OTA sites in that;

1.       Instead of redirecting travellers to OTA’s the site only directs to the hotel website
2.       No commissions or fees are charged for referrals
3.       A minimal annual listing fee applies - $50 for a basic listing up to $125 for a premium listing

We highly recommend the premium listing because of the extra features particularly relating to search result optimization. will be marketing itself on a mantra of “book direct for the best price guarantee”. Our terms require that you honour the mantra and entitle you to demand proof of any external offer lower than your own price schedule.

Creating and updating your listing is very easy and your user interface is accessible 24/7. Changes made are  immediately updated on the website and APP.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to list a very informative and attractive page. Fields, instructions and uploads are very easy and quick.

Having said this, if you don’t have the time or are concerned about your PC skills we are more than happy to input your listing for you. Simply email us these details;

Contact person’s name
URL of your website (e.g.
Contact email address

We will list for you and advise when it is ready whereby you can login and pay the listing fee for it  to become live.

Please get behind this industry initiative. What do we have to lose?

1.     Worst case scenario – recoup the small annual listing fee via zero commissions on more direct bookings.
2.     Best case scenario – we reduce our dependence on expensive and dis-compassionate OTA’s.

Please email us if you have any questions prior to listing!CLICK HERE TO LIST YOUR BUSINESS.

Type LAUNCH in the PROMO CODE box to get a 12 month free listing – offer expires in four days! Please forward to your industry networks.

Kind regards


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   It looks like the same layout design as inn rewards used to be.


Have a great day!


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Done, well, added.  I’ll have to finish the listing from my PC

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Done!  I encourage all of you to do so.  This could be the beginning of the big revolt.  Very easy interface to build listing.


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I dooed it.


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