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The couple in the suite called to ask if they could check in early.  As we had a Halloween party planned for the evening, we were more than happy to have them check in.

Oops, not a couple at all.   4 girls.  And when I say girls, I mean I would card them in a bar.  They looked 20 ish.

Hmmmm, the reservation is for 2 - not 4.   Lucky for them, they had booked the only room in the house that can legally hold 4.  But that will be $50 extra.   They paid with cash and they were not happy at the unexpected increase.   It was obvious to me that they were on a budget.   But they were nice enough about it.

Now we find out - they are headed to Salem, MA for Saturday before Halloween fun.   Do a search on Salem, MA at Halloween if you are not familiar, but it's pretty crazy.   People literally come from all over the world.  As it turns out, these girls had driven from Michigan to Massachusetts (16 hours) in order to check in with us, then get back in the car for 1/2 hour drive to Salem.   "Have fun!"   They had been here last year as well. !!

The next morning, they were the first to breakfast.  Ate most of the bacon, most of the waffles and all the jack-o-lantern shaped cantaloupe!  Yikes!   With boys, we expect to need extra bacon, but I didn't think of it with girls.   But, of course, they are on a budget and must be hungry.  We made more bacon and waffles and the other guests just didn't get to see the jack-o-lantern shaped cantaloupe.  

They were polite and respectful and not dirty at all.   (Except the makeup on the washcloth, but, it's Halloween, after all.)

They left after only one night to get back in their car and drive all the way to Michigan.   I would never, in a million years, do a one night stay after such a long road trip.  But they had fun!

I was pleasantly surprised and reminded not to pre-judge!  





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TheBeachHouse wrote:

I was pleasantly surprised and reminded not to pre-judge!  

It often seems to work that way and so nice when the folks that we think are going to give us concern prove us wrong.


Jim & Maxine


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