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People don't seem to get the whole point of Air is to get good reviews for yourself - ie you can't book rooms for other people or it defeats the purpose of the  review system. 2 today alone - I am booking for my cousin - I am booking for my colleague

Colleague woman seems totally confused I think she has made 2 bookings (1) with us (1) somewhere else - wants the full address of "the hotel" emailed back said Hotels can't advertise on air its against their terms and conditions and our address is X but really she shouldn't be booking for other people as many hosts want the guarantee of good reviews before they let strangers into their home as many hosts on air are letting rooms our in their house - we however are professional full time B&B owners (never phoned here) if she wants a hotel for her colleague it isn't here!

Think too many people are being told by younger relatives to "get onto air" etc without really understanding what it is they are doing or booking

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Reason #8,437 why we tell people booking through air to get off it and book direct with reputable inns and B&Bs. And I share every horror story I find on social media. 


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