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My B&B.con listing is up for renewal in January. I was wondering if anyone has started using their commission-only format instead of paying a monthly fee. My monthly membership is fairly expensive, but B&B.con is one of my top 5 referrals. I'm interested in actually knowing the true effectiveness of advertising on their site, but I hate the idea of having yet another commission-based listing.

If you're using the B&B.con commission-only format, how's your experience been so far? 


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We had to switch over to the the commission system with them in October. So far, so good. We are in a small town, and not in a touristy area, so having more exposure helps. I won't know for a while if it will cost me more or less than it did just being listed on their site. We've had repeat guests who rebooked directly on our website. 



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I have been with them from almost day one years ago.  I will not be listing with them when it comes time to switch.  Its not worth the issues of dealing with OTA's.  I don't need someone to feed me.  I realize some do need the help and I feel sorry for them to have to be so dependent on them to do so.





I have been on the commission system since the early summer. 

History: I was with the directory for much of my 18 years in business.  In the past few years I saw my stats drastically decline year after year.  The last few years I was using their Online Reservation system with Ex pedia along with the paid Silver listing.  

As of now I have gotten quite a few reservations through the OTA, none have been associated with the directory listing. At least to my knowledge.  Not sure if reservations are labeled like they use to be prior to the change. 

If you are open to giving a commissioned based OTA a try and you found your B&B listing to be beneficial in the past, I would think about giving them a try.  Since you are not required to a long term commitment, it may be worth it. 

Note that the new directory listings do not provide a link or your direct phone number so even the directory regulars will have the learning curve to search for your business information like they do with TA if no business listing.  

Other notes worth mentioning is that your cancellation policies etc are limited to their selections.  (better than Air selections IMHO but still not perfect)
You can block dates you do not want to show on the OTA but it will state that "no rooms available for these dates" 


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