Looking for an Inn to lease

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Hi, I'm new here. I own an interim inn-keeping business. I was also a Travel agent for AAA Headquarters in MI and NC. I been extensively trained in excellent customer service so much so, let's just say hospitality runs in my blood. My family and I are now looking to relocate & run our own B&B, but the cost of the down payment is just too much for us. My husband is a disabled Vet and we make more than enough to sustain our family but coming up with the amount would set us back. We would like to find a turn-key b&b operation in a good location (such as a college town)that is available on lease terms to bring down the cost for a few years and then turn it into a morgage. My husband gets a VA/FHA loan soon but we need this opportunity now (as you will see why)Is this a reality that could be possible for us? How can we make this possible? We want to run a 6-10 bedroom Inn. We actually answered an ad on PAII and it turned out to a scam. Due to that, we lost money, time invested and we're so humiliated. We even sold some of our furniture and based on the promises of a scammer, told our landlord we were moving and now must. We are bruised but don't want to give up on our dream because of one crooked Innkeeper.We are good, honest hard-working couple looking for a chance to leave our children a legacy, show them your dreams can come true with hard work and dedication. I am hoping there are still honest people out there willing to help us out or lead us in a good direction. I am hoping someone out there can help in leading us to our dream. Thank you!