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I am on the Board of a Rail-Trail Foundation for a 72-mile Rail-Trail owned by my State. The Trail Superintendent and 2 workers are the entire length of this rail-trail. The Foundation gathered gift certificates for them as a Christmas gift of appreciation and I gave each of these 3 men a 1-night certificate. they received these Wednesday night at our Christmas dinner.

I just had a call from the first worker, for Friday night. He asked, after I finished taking the reservation, if I could tell him which room they would be in. When I told him the Gillum, he was astounded - they are getting my best room. His wife took the phone to give me her e-mail address and asked if he had to bring the certificate with him - he wants to frame it! Isn't that sweet!

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A very Merry Christmas to you.  All the best in the coming year.  You are a generous soul in so many ways.


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