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We are traditional landlords in addition to being innkeepers.  This will not likely ever happen to you, but it happened to us.

Unattended death of a tenant.

I will not go into the details except to say that your homeowners or commercial business insurance probably covers this.  Our company is assisting.  There will be significant expenses over and above the coverage.  

When we got our coverage I read some parts very carefully.  Others, not so much.  We are pleased with the coverage and assistance we have with our company.


If you have never done so, please review your coverage.  if you ever find yourself in this position, however unlikely, you will be glad you did.


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that had to be horrible. I am going to assume it was not discovered before some time had elapsed. THAT is something horrible you should not have had to deal with. I am so sorry you had to deal with it.

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Actually had a guest last week ask me if anyone had every passed on while staying in our B&B.

I just smiled slyly and said, "Not yet..."


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