Anyone use for booking engine?

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I have not done a trial on as of yet, I've only looked over the demos and the features list on the web site.  But it looks really slick and seems to be really cheap.  It would cost us about $13 a month and connects to pretty much all of the OTAs.  For us, we only use Air and for that price it would update the calendars on air.

Anyone every try out  Curious what your experience was.


Looked at it a VERY long time ago so I am sure they will have fixed the one snag I found as they were very keen and interested in it when explained the problem

ie - in the UK Zip and Link beds are very popular can be 1 large double or 2 seperate single beds - I need a set up that can show either

(2) 2nd problem was swopping between rooms - my guests don't choose so I can line things up to fill in gaps - they can make requests but i say yes or now - their system didn't seem to accommodate that

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