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Hello people,

I want to move to Spain and invest some money while creating my own job at the same time.
I wanted to buy a villa and make it a bed and breakfast, somewhere in the South of Spain, Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca.
My initial idea was something nice and easy: buy a modern 3 bedroom villa and rent it out via booking or airbnb to families for 1000 euros per week in peak season.
The better the location in terms of golf clubs and various activities, the more extended the period that you can rent it out to tourists.

This would have been the easier option where I would just hand over the keys and that's it. Obviously I need to change the bedding but that's about it.

Then I thought that maybe I could make more money if I worked a bit harder and I would get a villa that works more like a proper B&B. Meaning, the villa would have individual rooms (4 in numbers) and couples would rent per room. This would offer me more money since I could rent 4 rooms individually per night, but I would have to work more as in keeping the communal areas perpetually clean, making breakfast. Basically staying there for a great deal of time, unlike the whole villa I first presented, where I would just hand over the keys and that's it.

My questions is, which one is more viable to succeed?
This would be my first time I am planning such an endeavour and I am a bit scared.

I was also looking at just getting 2 x 1 bedroom flats (instead of the villa) and simply renting them out on Airbnb. This would make it more flexible in terms of guests ( unlike the 3 bedroom whole villa) and also provide me with split asset investment since I would be having 2 properties instead of just one. Again, being apartments, this would mean less headaches.

Is it worth going with the typical 3 bedroom villa rented as a whole via airbnb or booking, where I just hand over the keys and that's it?
Or is the more work that I would put into the proper bed and breakfast villa worth it, economically?

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section and I am looking forward to receiving constructive answers.

Many thanks!


Thank you for your replies.
I am asking the questions regarding which would be better because I would be willing to do either of the 2 options. I just wanted to know, from someone with experience point of view, which would be the best option?
I plan on living at 5-10 minutes drive from my airbnb property.



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Air and B&B are entirely TWO different things. B&Bs are generally professionally managed and properly licenced and insured. The other is often done unprofessionally, unlicenced and uninsured. The revenues and guest are also often different....around me, the on Air earn a significant amount less than I do and often don't know their point of profit.... especially when the tax man cometh and then find out that since they did it under the table they can't deduct expenses and they still have to pay the tax on the income.


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If profit is your main concern and motivation, then I think many people here will advise you to consider another line of work Smiling

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It depends on several things - one of which is where are YOU going to live?

Handing over the keys may also open up to more damage and less consideration for your property. also it is a bit more than just changing the sheets no matter which option you go with. You will have to clean the entire place after each set of guests - and hope that the people leaving this morning leave in time for you to get it clean before the new people arrive this afternoon/evening and have not damageaged anything, smoked inside (maybe even cigars) or are the take a bath on perfume variety who leave the reek behind several days after they have departed.

Renting the rooms does require more work for greater rewards and if you live there reduces the damage/bad behavior aspect.

As with anything - only you know what is important to you and how much work you are willing to put into things and what kind of rewards you expect to get for that effort. Best to you.

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