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So nothing from airbnb for a year and then we get this (translated from the original French):

"Hello, I must visit a place near you, I arrive in blablacar Lussac-the-castles in the morning, I think I can manage to come, but I wonder if you have a bike because the place is part of the town of Queaux. I have an appointment at the Town Hall. Can I book a room for 2 nights (April 11th and 12th), all for € 40? I can bring my own sheets and you cook a vegetarian meal in return!"

airbnb need to provide an additional decline button, like one that says "decline this request and give the reaquestor a good slap"
This sort of thing is exactly the reason why we are setting up our alternative to airbnb Smiling

She is actually breaking their rules as she selected dates and a rate but asked for a different rate so we reported her as well as declined with the reason that, funnily enough, we are not a charity.

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Is properbnb a booking agent? Or third party booking site? An alternative to 

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Friends were saying yesterday that they had a booking for a double room (all their rooms are doubles) and then had an email saying " we want separate beds so please put another bed in the room", yours def. tops that.


If you wanted hotel facilities you should have booked a hotel and paid hotel prices!!!


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