Hooray for the Tax Department

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The West Virginia Tax Office (Bless them) has according to a Feb 8 notice ruled - hotels, houses, apartments, cabins, campsites, condominiums, and time-shares rented for less than 30 consecutive days are now subject to the same taxes as traditional lodging offered by hotels, motels, and inns.

The notice says operators of short-term rentals must now collect and remit the state's 6 percent sales and use tax, along with any applicable local sales and use taxes and municipal hotel occupancy taxes. Owners are also required to register their rentals as businesses with the state tax department, which means the property would be considered business property and therefore possibly subject to a higher property tax rate. Tangible personal property or items used to maintain the property would also be subject to state and municipal sales and use taxes.


A win for our side! Now if they will just enforce it. The good part is we all know how blood-thirsty the tax man is.

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Kathleen, can you email me a link to that announcement? We currently have a task force in town working on Airbnb-type regulation (currently not allowed, and that has been enforced up to the WV Supreme Court). 

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