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I want to cut down on the number of forms that I use with RK. I have two entire sets for language. Do you think it would be too confusing to send documents that have BOTH languages in the same email. Maybe with something like (other language is below)?

Anyone else set up nice receipts? Using CSS in their email to send great looking HTML receipts for the B&B. I'm considering setting up a really nice HTML/CSS looking set of emails. But then, how do they look for those who have HTML turned off? Or Graphics turned off? 

I do have to admit I hate having to have LONG dates, but with standard date format for countries different, I always worry that people won't understand that 12/07/2018 is the 12th of July, not the 7th of December. 

PS: How do you handle cancellations in RK? Do you keep them after you have done the cancellation or delete them? Does it bother you to have that number showing up in the square until someone else has booked it?


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I used to delete cancellations, then had so many cases where I wished I hadn't done that. So I now change the rates so there is no money owed on the reservation, then set them to status Cancelled. I don't mind (much) the +1, +2, etc on the reservation. It's so nice to be able to go back and check that old reservation and still have all the guest's contact info and notes saved.

I don't delete anything unless I absolutely know I'll never need any of that info again.


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I think it would be fine to combine the 2 languages into one email.

I don't send receipts with pretty graphics. The receipts generated by RK contain the necessary info and as you mentioned previously, the less emails, the better! The receipt for deposit is contained in the "Thank you for your reservation" email. I swipe cards upon arrival for the balance.

I use long dates in RK too, for the same reason you've stated.

As for cancellations, I change the res status to "Cancelled" and have the "Cancelled" status set to remove them from the availability calendar. But I keep the cancelled res info in the system in case the guest rebooks, and to alert me if someone has been a problem guest who cancelled at the last minute.


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