What's so difficult about 'everything'?

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If you were told 'everything that's washable, that means everything on the bed, all the towels and floor mats, and the curtains has to come out of the room to be washed' would you think that included the towels, the bed skirt, the duvet?

That's the problem with working with people who are hyperactive. They listen to the first 4 words and then run to do something else.


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The difference between everything and absolutely everything.

Is the apartment empty? Well, almost.
Is it absolutely empty? No.

people are funny that way.


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I assume you are referring to hiring for Spring Cleaning.  It's tough...we all look for the OCD person who is as fussy about the details as we are but who is also focused.  We are presently having the same issues with our painter so I can relate.  I practice patience and take deep breaths before speaking to him and his crew...sometimes that helps. 


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