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I had a call today inviting me to do a podcast. My first reaction would have been to grab my wallet except I was driving at the time.

They e-mailed with the info and I am scheduled for Thursday. Figure I have nothing to lose.

Please  tell your friends, family, and business associates to click on the link http://www.allbusinessmediafm.com/studio3   or https://tunein.com/radio/All-Business-Elite-s297288/  and your broadcast can be heard live the day of your show. Please review the preliminary interview questions below and return the answers via e-mail.


Update: Just finished the podcast. Did anyone hear it? I have a sneaking suspicion it was a set-up for selling ME a Podcast @ a mere $500 per podcast.  I had barely hung up from the call when I got a call telling me how great I was (actually said he was calling about the podcast I had done 20 minutes ago - no, I just hung up, get your act straight). He said I would be doing the podcast with (do not remember first name) DeGarmo.

Oh well, I spent more time on the phone with the schmuck trying to sell me 5 thirty minute  podcasts than I did if it really WAS broadcast in the first place. The idiot told me I was not a people person because I said I did not WANT 100% occupancy. I guess at that point he  realized I was not going to be all vanity and flattered into buying any of their podcasts. He had no clue about B & B - thought ALL of them had staff. Told him if I had 100% occupancy, I would be dead from over-work.

Updated update: e-mail from program host


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being on The Professional's Round Table. You did a wonderful job with your interview and I appreciate that.  Please let me know if I can be of any service to you in the future.

Your interview will be available on the website and put into rotation within 48 hours. The MP3 will be edited and you will have the ability to download and save the file straight to your computer for your own personal usage. Check in with www.AllBusinessMediaFM.com/archives, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner, and type in your name to retrieve your interview.

If you have any questions, please send an email to admin@ABMFM.com and they will get back to you.

Please follow my social media pages! I will gladly return the favor and follow your pages so we can help each other build!

Right click each blue link and open in another tab or window...

FACEBOOK Leave a comment and a 5 star rating if you enjoyed your interview.

INSTAGRAM and TWITTER are available as well.


I want to thank you again and I wish much success to you and your business moving forward!


Robert Whetham

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Do it! It's very easy and enjoyable. 

I was interviewed for one a couple of months ago and it was very nice.




Innkeeper & Owner


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I am definitely going to do it. I am full of BS and this one will be about my favorite subject - Gillum House!

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