Killin' 'em with kindness

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Family of three booked the cheap room for 3 nights.  Queen bed with daybed.   The cheap room is the only one with the bathroom down the hall.  He is upset.  Says he didn't know and wouldn't have booked it.  We are full.  We can't make changes.   We offer to find them another place in town.  Nope.  Ok. Fine.

So, this morning, I helped the kid get some more juice.  Asked his parents if he spoke English (he has said nothing.)  They are from a non English speaking country.   They said he understands but doesn't speak.   Ok.  Friendly.   Then I asked if he liked pancakes.  Mom says he loves pancakes.  So I told them I would make pancakes tomorrow just for him.  

Doing our best.




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  Keep up the good work!


Have a great day!


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Have a phone with Google Translate, it can translate conversation in quite a few languages automatically now.


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