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Guest request: can we bring two cars? No problem tonight, we have an extra space because two other rooms are sharing a car, and one other guest doesn't have one at all.

What they did not mention was the trailer towing the boat. Why would anyone think a B&B had parking for two of their cars and a boat trailer with only one room rented? (They said they'd been here before, so the knew the size of the parking.)

I didn't see any of this when they arrived because they had already unhitched the trailer, boat and all, and parked it in my neighbor's driveway. I like to stay on friendly terms with the neighbors! When they pointed out what they had done, I had to explain that they really can't just park wherever they want.

Would they park it in their own neighbor's driveway?



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I already taught one of my neighbours, you get a wet-erase marker and leave a "love" note on their windshield. Nothing scares a car owner faster than what appears to be someone having written "Called COPS" on their windshield. https://www.amazon.com/White-Chalk-Markers-Chalkboard-Blackboard/dp/B00V...


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Morticia wrote:

Guest request: can we bring two cars? 

That's always fun, years ago when we were new at the game we had a request for a room for 2 bus drivers, they failed to mention that each driver expected a place to park his 40 foot bus and plug in the engine warmer, quickly learned to ask more questions.

These days my advance letter to guests specifically asks about vehicles, I can usually take care of the need, but only if I know in advance.

Graduation weekend is fun, ever guest has two or three vehicles


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I guess we've been lucky, having plenty of on-street parking in addition to a 4-spot front lot and a 6-spot back lot. 

In the winter, when guests can't park on the street (snowplows) it get's a little complicated in the back since it's an unusual shape and how to park isn't terribly intuitive. But all in all, happy it's not a challenge for us. 


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It's like the people that arrive here, park their car across the drive so no one else can even get in or out, never mind park and then say "Is the car alright there?"



If you wanted hotel facilities you should have booked a hotel and paid hotel prices!!!


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