Really? There are 63 B&B's in my town?

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Checking to see what was available tonight, I did a search for B&B's in my town. The old/new bedandbreakfastdotcom site says there are 63 B&B's in my town (there are 8 ). What is really interesting is that B&B's that really ARE in my town are not even listed until after 20 or so B&B's in towns as far away as hour have had their listing shown.

I followed the link to one of them and the listing shows rooms like 'multiple beds' and 'one bed' and then some that have a room name. It's a mess.


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B&B has been totally engulfed by the Expedia monster that bought them. And Expedia is so revenue hungry that they'll let any rental house or room list on their site. 

We used to show up near the top of lodging options near the ski resort. Now we're lucky to show up on the first page. 

Expedia is dead. No one is using it anymore because it's gone so far from what is was that it's useless. Why try and be an Air knockoff when people can just go to the real thing?

Have a couple of friends who worked for years with B& and to call them demoraized is to understate it. 


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