Anyone else having Bed and breakfast dot com technical problems

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Issue 1: No emails and no texts about reservations coming for 2 months

They used to send us an email and a text when we got a booking through them.  The last 5 reservations no text, no email.  We have our account set to never send anything to spam so it couldn't have gone there, the box is and always is empty.  Spoke with a friend who works at the large G company that manages our email and they confirmed that nothing was received from bnb dot com so it didn't go into spam or anywhere else because it never arrived.

Issue 2: Not getting paid

Are they in financial troubles?  It often takes a week or more until they actually send us the money they owe us.

and the worst

Issue 3: Stealing from us

Had a person stay here and after the commission owed us $240.36. It never got paid to us even though it was in their system, the guest was checked in, etc.  After a month of calling they said the money was being sent and a week later instead of paying us $240.36 they took $240.36 out of our account.  After two weeks of phone calls we had the $240.36 replaced into our account but they still haven't paid us the original money they owe us.

What the heck is going on with this company?

Does anyone else who uses them have similar issues?

Has anyone had better luck with these doofs?









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I had a good relationship with them and am good friends with their New England rep. Sadly, I think she's just flat-out embarrassed about what they've become after the Expedia buyout. 

We fell off their system due to their failure to follow up on an email, and it was work to get back on. We're back, but it's as if we're the smallest bed and breakfast in the entire state. We rarely show up in searches of their site, and when we do we're on the 9th or 10th page. 

They're dead to us. 


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