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Well after a long season and busy summer I decided to take a Sunday off and escape to a nearby town 45 minutes away. I booked an Airbnb with a good location to a yoga studio and some pubs. Unfortunately the young owners of the small apartment had an extremely aggressive German Shephard, I stayed about 40 minutes before telling them that this wouldn't work and took off. I tried booking another Airbnb and got 2 declines and one request that sat pending for two hours before I cancelled that. I checked and saw the local fancy B&B had 4 rooms available, so I called them up and asked if they had a room for tonight (save them commissions). Well she checked her computer and told me she's got nothing available???  So I have booked a Quality Inn on the outskirts of the town.. so much for that getaway.

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So Sorry.

I list rooms on Air and each year get a $100 credit for an Air stay.  I've yet to use it. I never see anything that appeals in the area we're going. Plus the older I get the less I want to encounter unpleasant surprises.  

I do know other innkeepers who list on Air and would tend to book there first, and like you, phone or book direct. 

We give our name in our Air listing and some do find us and book direct.  Most go for the convenience and pay the extra.  Go figure. 

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You booked a vacation with an AirBnB? And then Booking?


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