Even Listing Sites Are Clogged With Private Rentals

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As a dog-friendly B&B, we've gotten good business in the past from specialty travel sites for dog owners, like BringFido.com and PetsFriendly.com. 

When my renewal came yesterday for BringFido, I did what I always do -- check my Google Analytics -- and I noticed my traffic had plummetted this year. When I went to the site, I quickly found out why. 

Thought I'd share the email I sent back with my renewal. It's a little stronger than I usually am, but I think it conveyed my message and attitude clearly:


After a great deal of debate, we decided we will continue to be a client of BringFido.com. The value you provide us has dropped significantly.

I have to report that our website traffic from your site has dropped considerably, due I suspect to the fact that you are now listing private house rentals. A quick search of hotels (sic) near Jay Peak -- which is how most of our guests search for us -  finds that we are well below the fold of the page, below eight private house rentals.

We’ll give BringFido one last chance, but as one of CNN’s Top 12 Dog-Friendliest Hotels in the World, it’s surprising and disappointing that our placement on your site is so low, and that our analytics report traffic from you has dropped so dramatically.



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  Yup!  They are on Trip, Booking, etc as well.  And Super 8 is on Air.  Go figure. frown


Have a great day!


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Lee2014 wrote:

And Super 8 is on Air.  Go figure. frown


I guess that if you want to be found, you've got to be where people are looking....


"where even time relaxes...."


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