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Hi y'all!  I have never posted on this forum, so I'll introduce myself.  My name is Michelle.  My husband and I own a 9 room Inn in New Orleans.  We bought the business 3 years ago, and are the 3rd owners.  We have been using the reservation system we inherited, Rezovation.  I'm not too tech savy, and it was easiest to just keep doing what the previous owners had in place.  Rezovation has been bought by a  Europeon company called eviivo and they are integrating to their platform in the next few months.  We are now in the position of having to change our reservation system.  While eviivo looks slick and definitely mobile friendly (which Rezo was NOT), I want to make sure I do my research and go with the best, and most cost effective system.  So, I'm curious, what do you all use and are you happy with it?  I have spoken with Innroad, and have a live demo scheduled for next week.  The idea of migrating all my reservations to another system is definitely overwhelming to me.  We are heading in to our busiest season, so I need to do this sometime in the next two months.  

Thanks in advance for what I am sure will be your fantastic advice!  


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I'll chime in on Reservation Key.  I don't use all features, but have found that as my needs change, the handy features are already there.  My personal favorite is the ability to see that your correspondence has been opened and read by the guest. I've been using since 2011.  2 inn rooms and 2 vacation rentals.  Formerly with ResNexus. 

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I love ReservationKey and have used it for years now. Lots of Bells & Whistles that are NOT complicated, 30-day free trial, great tech support, and John will "hold your hand" to get you on the system the way you want it. It has a lot of reports also. Easy for both me and the guests to use.

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Two very popular ones are Reservation Key, $34/month for up to 10 rooms, and ThinkReservations, $90/month for 9 rooms ($10/room/month).

If you want to accept instant online payments so guests get instant confirmation that the reservation is made and a deposit accepted, there will be some additional charges for the payment processor.


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