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EXPEDIA CLASS ACTION (12-03-18 ongoing)

PAII has received an update from Attorney Joel Davidow, who summed it up by saying "it's looking good"! While the details are not available as yet, Expedia has been found in violation of the Lanham Act (which addresses trademark infringement and false advertising), and the violation is 'systemic' and not random. Additionally, the amicus briefs submitted by PAII and AIHP "helped" Expedia realize they should settle. As soon as we learn more, we'll pass it on to you.


Gov. Wolf signed HB 1511, closing the online travel company loophole in PA. Now known as Act 109, the legislation takes effect in 90 days and requires online travel companies like Expedia and Orbitz to remit state and county hotel tax on the retail rate of the room.

This is a huge win for our industry, not only for hotels but also for all businesses that rely on tourism. By closing this loophole, the state will realize $23.8 million in additional revenue which will be dedicated to the statewide tourism office for statewide tourism promotion (a 600% increase over its current budget). (from the PRLA newsletter)

12-06-18 BALTIMORE, MD

Baltimore City is the latest Maryland jurisdiction to pass legislation establishing a comprehensive framework to regulate short-term rental (STR) hosts and platforms. We applaud lead sponsors Council President Jack Young and Councilman Eric Costello, and the entire Baltimore City Council for taking a significant step to minimize unfair competition from investors renting multiple units, just like hotels, on platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway without any oversight. This bill will establish much needed accountability on the part of platforms who often earn revenue booking short-term rentals that are not in compliance with local laws, and ensure hosts are following basic rules to protect guests and our communities.


Thanks for sharing K.  
Has anyone heard anything about the Google matter?  I've heard nothing since the webinar. 

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  Thanks for letting us know.


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