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Which platform do you focus on when asking for online reviews?

  • Google reviews
  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • Hotels.com
  • Etc

To avoid some of the costly commission associated with some marketplaces, you really need to put some time into getting your own website to rank.  For that, you need to start bringing in those Google reviews! Smiling

Here is a blog post I hope will provide some value here. 


Your list is incomplete.  You forgot facebook.  Smiling

If a booking comes in via AirBNB the review will appear on AirBNB and those reviews get indexed in google, too.

If a booking comes in from our web site, then we ask the person to write a google review or facebook review.

I don't worry a whole lot about SEO.  We are the only B&B in our County and easy to find via search.

One free posting to facebook can be set to post to a bunch of local facebook groups. That always drives a lot of new likes and a lot of new inquiries for booking.  Just sold a gift certificate 10 minutes ago to someone who saw a facebook post I made.

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Hi Dan! If you own an SEO marketing company, or provide SEO services, please introduce yourself and explain how you operate.



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