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Looking strongly at ‘Avignon’ Hermès theme.  The author has made many helpful posts here. 

Ive had trouble with guests phoning to make reservations after not being able to complete my ResKey page.  Found out this morning that ResKey has layout pages that will likely solve this problem.  If I read the blog I would have known.  But when busy I don’t read other folks blogs and if there was an announcement for this enhancement - I missed it.  

But not the main reason for theme change.  Just need an update for more millennial sensibilities.  Plus some technical upgrade needed.  

Anyone here using a Hermès theme? (Wordpress)

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I think I made this offer last year or the year before - if anyone here likes what I have, just get in touch and we'll figure something out Smiling


https://www.hermesthemes.com/ - WordPress Themes for Independent Hotels, Inns and B&Bs


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We use Elegant Theme's SimplePress, but have been searching for a new theme. Hermes looks nice, but right now Divi is still in the lead. The only problem I have with Divi is once I convert to it, switching my content to another theme in the future will be a major headache. 


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