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I am seeking to fill in as host for a B&B.  I’ve read forum replies about temps and most not good. I am looking for August and September. I am not a business and just want the experience and fun. I’m sure there is a reasonable salary to come up with. I am a widow with much travel experience. I was full time RVer 15 Years   Traveled In Europe also. Adapt to all circumstances. Worked in Medical field 30 years 8 of which was a travel tech. Able to walk Into a hospital  and start working. Excellent cook and housekeeper. Driven all over US. If you need someone to attend your B&B  I’m the one 



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It has a lot to do with geography.  There isn't a lot of money in innkeeping or in innsitting, so travel -- to get acquainted, or for the job itself -- can be an excessive time and dollar cost.  Define your service area.


I agree with the comment below and in fact I was the Innsitter for Innsemiretirement - we actually made the connection on this forum!  Now we both belong to Interim Innkeepers and will be working the conference together in Cincinnati!  Come see us in March! 

And Michigan, if you'd like to join our group we'd love to have you!


Just here to help


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Several past and present members of this forum have had good experiences with 'temps' - or interim innkeepers/innsitters, as we prefer to call ourselves.  I used to be an owner who used professional innsitters and now I am an innsitter myself.  The website InterimInnkeepers.net has over 40 members listed, including myself, if you need someone to attend to your B&B. We will also be at the AIHP conference in Cincinnati at the end of March - feel free to stop by our table or attend our Spotlight session to meet some of us in person.


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