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How honest are you with guest reviews on Air?

For example... guest ask for early check-in and late check-out. We said we couldn't do early check-in, so they chose normal check-in, but we ended up having to text them about 45 minutes later and set up self check-in, because they didn't show on time. Asked for an extra 60 minutes on check-out, but they were 30 minutes past that. Of course we don't care that they clean after themselves as we provide housekeeping, but I know some Air people are particular about that...the tip envelope went for a walk... we replaced it. To us, these are normally small thing, but... are you honest to a fault, or forgiving?

I'm always afraid that not being honest with criticism will blow up in my face, as it did once... we were nice and the guest wrote awful things about us.... they were rather horrid people, on a special rate that didn't include breakfast, just toast and coffee and they took cereal and complained about the fact that breakfast wasn't included... when they got a special rate that didn't include it. Smelled the house up with Vicks, wanted a board for the TOP of the beds (mattress is already on slats) and tried to get us to give them a different room... because they saw it... but hadn't booked it... because it wasn't on Air, and we had to refuse because it was already rented to others.


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I think it all depends on the value you place on those reviews - in the sense of how it can impact your business. We get about 25% of a year's business from air - and would like to keep that option and income.

I usually leave the basic "nice" review unless they were absolutely stellar, and then I rave about the wonderfulness of their stay. Either way here it is a win/win as both parties get a nice review for future travel/hosting.

Remember too, Air will not allow either review to be posted publicly unless both parties participate. So there could be benefits to not leaving a review. 

However, you also get the option to leave that "nice" review, AND send a "Private" note to your guest (or host). This is where you can be a bit more blunt if need be, and it will not be seen by the public, nor count against your reviews/hosting/traveler profile.

The private note/review is where I've had to explain to people how inconsiderate it was to wipe your entire face of make-up and butt on our white robes, while the black make-up cloth and special make-up remover wipes (and toilet paper!) lay there on the bathroom counter free for your use. And to remind them this is not only a B&B, but our home and we take pride in being able to offer nice things. While we expect reasonable use, we do not think it necessary to trash everything you come into contact with. (yes, I was that was a 20 something gal traveling with her mother no less...and the air account was in her mom's I wrote the private note from one mom to another.) Will they stay with us again...probably not and I don't care, but at least that won't be seen by the public and I can state my disgust with how they treated our property.

I do not make a habit of writing private notes in that much detail, but this particular situation had me steaming and I had to say something!

We also do not allow instant bookings - so we have a chance to review the person. This method works for us so we will continue that way.


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Northern Dreamer wrote:

Remember too, Air will not allow either review to be posted publicly unless both parties participate. So there could be benefits to not leaving a review. 

This statement is incorrect.

After 14 days reviews are posted, regardless of whether both parties have been reviewed or not. Neither party can see the other's review until:

1.  Both have reviewed, or

2. The 14 days have passed.

I have waited until the very end of the review period to post a poor review of a very dirty guest.  The advantage of doing this is if the guest's review of you is negative is will likely be buried due to the guests you have hosted in the meantime.


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I don't think we have had any really bad guests from Air. What ever negative aspects there have been have all been within the range of what might be reasonably expected in dealing with the public. The reviews we write of guests are pretty generic anyways.

@Morticia, Air will publish your guest reviews even if you don't review the guest, but not until after your window of opportunity to review the guest has closed.


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Generally not that honest at all, if I even leave a review. We had one person who left us with religious tracts hidden all over the room (under the bed, wrapped up in the unused towels), she was late arriving, could not walk up the stairs, just an all in all pain. And, she had been here before as a direct booking!

I did have to complain about the religious stuff and the late arrival where I had to call her to find out if she was lost.

Otherwise? I really don't care to rate guests. Which could explain why we have so few reviews on air. Do they publish the guest's review if you don't write one?

So, for yours? As the next host I would want to know that the guests overstay their welcome. I would also want to know that they do not show up when they specifically requested a particular check in time. Messy guests? Unless they trashed the room, it's BAU (business as usual). Picky guests? Who cares. Unless, of course, you only have one room and you're faced with a grumpy person who thought you'd be making some super duper breakfast for them but they really only eat greens.


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