Getting close... Probably gonna ask a bunch of questions. 2 twins vs. King

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We are set to close next Friday. Very exciting and a little nerve wracking. Rather than just blast all my questions I've been using the search function and getting a lot of stuff answered from previous threads! Nice. 

The prior owner had one room set up with a king bed. Under the covers it was two twins pushed together with a foam runner filling the seam between them. She advertised the room with the option of a king or two twins and I guess she could adjust them as needed by the guests. It meant no headboard though. 

I wonder if this is a common practice and if it makes sense financially to offer that flexibility? We're inclined to have just the king bed with an attractive headboard but don't want to lose business from folks who want a foot of airspace between them. 


Thanks for your thoughts! 


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We have one room like this, and it is a headache to reconfirgure the bed. We've found we book it more as a suite with a queen and two twins, rather than a queen and king, but we advertise it can be configured either way. 


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A few years ago another b&b asked me the same question. My response was how does the room book the most? Who is your target market? And, don't make immediate changes unless it is absolutely necessary.

If this is a well-run place, wait and see what sells.

The other b&b left the twin beds in place and they get a lot of use as twins.

You can get head boards for this layout. That is one thing I would change immediately. Headboardless beds look like you just threw the beds in the room and called it a day.

Definitely check the bed out in its king format to be sure it is comfortable.


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In the UK they have special beds for this... zipper connected. Personally, the extra work would drive me nuts, unless there is an upcharge. Over the years we have limited some of the rooms with second beds because of the hassle. You just have to see if it's in demand and worth the hassle.

I would eliminate them,unless you have a lot of older travellers... that is who it attracts, though some parents with opposite sex children from North America (that stigma doesn't exist in most other cultures.) I would upcharge it a few bucks if I was going to do it, to at least make me feel like I wasn't doing work for nothing.


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Yes, we have a zip link bed in one of our rooms. The matresses zip together and there are metal bars at each end of the beds to hold them together.

And yes, they are a bit of a PITA, people yesterday wanted double, tonight twin, tomorrow double, although I must admit it's usually a double.

I'd say it's 35/75 in favour of double. I guess it depends how much you want to fill your rooms or risk turning away those that want twin.


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