I lost a night of revenue because of my Tesla charger

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OK, I am not making this up.  Just happened.

1. A few years ago we installed a Tesla charger and were listed as a "Tesla destination charger" on the Tesla web site,  We get a generous handful of Teslas every year as they go charger-hopping up and down I-5. Cool.

2. A week ago, after a long phone discussion with the guest, I booked a few nights for two ladies who were going on a road trip after just having moved in together as room mates, consolidating housing.  The younger voted for JFK.  I say that because it suggests a level of familiarity with current tech.

3. It gets a little late the day they were supposed to arrive; I call the phone number I used previously to arrange booking.  No answer; I leave message.  Repeat. Text. Nothing.  No Show.

4. Next morning, DW tries to run card, declined.  Rats, but in truth in 10 years we have only had about 2 complete no shows and only one of those could not be charged.  We write it off.

5. That afternoon, a little hybrid with CA plates pulls up with two ladies! Apparently confusion, email missing, etc.  I'm going ... hmm, feeble excuse ... what about my many calls yesterday? Nope, she never got a call, shows me Android phone. Log is empty.  I have correct number but when I try to call, her phone doesn't ring.  Her voicemail log does show two long messages from "Tesla destination charger", however.  She didn't listen to them of course because she doesn't have a Tesla, duh, so what could it be?  Presses Play, and out comes my voice.

6. So.  In her phone app settings, it has Google caller ID which attempts to identify numbers not on her personal contact list by some association on the www.  Despite the fact that I have a Google business listing, apparently that caller ID algorithm thinks it's way more relevant that my number is associated with "Tesla destination charger" and that's going to be my label.  And phone was in Do Not Disturb, so no calls not on personal contacts will make phone ring. I disabled both settings. I call, her phone rings.

7. I end up charging her for just 3 of the original 4 nights and dropping the first night no show as a courtesy since the phone was genuinely not working for her (I think it had recently gone through an auto-update which changed settings). Thus my being "Tesla destination charger" cost me revenue; I'll bill Google.

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You were kind and patient, very patient.  July is here. August just around the corner.  practice for the entitled arriving soon.


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I think the technology that cost you that night was called a "calendar" -- and the ladies' inability to operate one. 


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I'm with Morticia on this one ... they still should have shown up on the night they were booked for.  They gave no explanation of why they didn't show .... where were they?? You took the high road.

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They still should have shown up on the correct night!


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