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Had an e-mail telling when to retrieve Himself's paintings from the Gallery. No sales (did not expect to)  but it was exposure. Yesterday a motorcycle ride was scheduled to stop there soI went over nut did not stay long. BUT did talk to the guy who made the arrangements for the ride to stop there. AND when I left the reporter for the TV station was laving. I showed him the cards I had had made for business cards - and he filmed both. With everything I had going on last night I forgot to watch the news. the Director of the Gallery said they were shown last night and his name was mentioned as the artist. Great!

Got 2 sets of breakfasts done  this morning, took a guest to the log house, my friends who were the second breakfsat helped me strip beds and make them up for next time and waved goodbye. Got the first load of laundry done before the folks who had arranged for a tour of the log house got here. Got that on the line and it was still early enough to go get the paintings today instead of tomorrow.

Now comes the best part - on my way to the Gallery, I get a phone call for a 3-night reservation and ask her to please go online to book, knowing the first night is available, because I am driving. THEN it hits me - I have a Conference for the City her last night. When I was  finally able to call her back toexplain the situation, she said,"Oh, that's OK, I already booked it. We just delayed it for a week." The original arrival date is ther 46th anniversary! I guarantee you, there will be a small wedding cake on the dresser when they arrive.

Gets better. The Friday night guests were here for the 5th time and it was the last night of Shakespeare in the Park. I made them a special dinner served at a table with table cloth, china, goblets, silver. and sparkling cider to dine on at the Park. When we got home,she gave me a quart of veggie soup she had canned and I told them my friends had not been able to get a deer for me this year, told me to contact him when I am leaving the Conference (near his city) and he is going to give me 20 pounds of ground venison!!  I have struck gold!! Everything is coming up roses!!

Update: We met at 7 AM this morning and he apologized there was only about 15 pounds of ground venison (there were 16 pounds).

OH, I did not do a wedding cake, thought better of it, gave them a bottle of local wine and 2 WV goblets instead.

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Awesome! It's those special touches that make memories. Shelley and I were married at a BnB and those special touches by the innkeepers are what made us fall in love with the BnB concept.  Smiling


Christopher and Shelley Smith, Innkeepers
The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast, Mountain View, AR


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You did good!  Smiling

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Nice when everything comes together


Jim & Maxine


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