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Bandbsforvets,org is live for 2019. We really could use more B & Bs to sign up to give the free rooms Nov 10 or 11 (innkeeper choice). We are only asking for 1 (one) room to be free of charge- no strings such as BOGO. As soon as you have filled the allocated, send another e-mail saying FULL. We will either mark it full and remove contact info OR mark it FULL and leave the contact info up if you want to still get calls that you may be able to turn into future guests (maybe for the dead season with a Military rate).

E-mail Deb Dapson with your name; name of B & B; what you are offering AND if you offer a Military discount through the year; address; phone; web address; up to 4 photos.

She is who you e-mail when full also.