Video Doorbells - How Do You Use Them?

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Just bought and installed a Ring video doorbell. Has allowed us to see when people come to our front door. But since we don't lock the door, usually we don't get the video alert on our phones until 4 seconds after they've opened the door. 

It's good when we're away shopping because we can talk to guests who ring the doorbell -- again, assuming our staff isn't there and we've locked the door. 

Interested how other Innspirers who have these doorbells use them. 


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We have a RING also. Got it last year during off-season for when we were traveling.

Also, we always have our door locked, and asks guest to lock it coming and going. We have the distance setting far enough away to alert us when someone comes up the drive. Mostly because if we are waiting for a guest to arrive...and they are late, we can nap or go about our business in the house and are alerted when they finally do arrive. It works for us because we cannot readily see the drive if we are doing laundry, or in our living quarters. We're a smaller place and it is our home, so we like the fact they cannot just walk in. Also, there are a lot of wedding guests that stay with us and if we are out and about on any given weekend, we can see if guests try to bring non-guests in.

We also added the indoor chime so we can hear is throughout the house and don't have to wait on the phone alert...which usually is more delayed because it is wi-fi dependent and can lag.


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We do a lot of self check-in. It lets us see when they arrive, that they get in safely. It lets us answer remotely if they need help as well.


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