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ALP - the merged AIHP & PAII) just sent this in the newsletter. IF you use Expedia READ IT! It gives me another nail in my  refusal to use these bottom feeders.


Ugh … a contract with lots of clauses and small print is intimidating … BUT with your business and how you are able to operate it at stake, take a seat, read the contract thoroughly, and ask questions! ALP thanks Lisa Kolb/Acorn Internet Services for the analysis of the new Expedia language (not to be construed as legal advice) and we’ve provided an excerpt below.

From the Acorn Internet Services blog February 15, 2020:

If you have signed up with Expedia on or after 1/1/2020 you should know the language has been re-written as compared to the language in previous Expedia contracts which appear to constrain your ability to sell your rooms direct.

The Old Contract included XX# of rooms that were defined as Base Rooms. The New Agreement has removed all references to the Base Room language. It states that you will always make all unbooked rooms available for display on, and booking through the Expedia System.
The Old Contract had a section included similar to: The Property will set aside at least 0 base rooms (the “Base Rooms”) per the stay date that will be available for display and bookings through Expedia’s system.

The New Agreement has added language about how you may, and may not, communicate with your Expedia guest.

The New Agreement states: Additionally, your communications with guests regarding Bookings will not disparage Expedia or state that Expedia bookings are not entitled to the same benefits, amenities and services as bookings through your own channels.

The Old Contract and the New Agreement language is very similar, except for the fact that this now applies to all rooms in your inventory, as the Base Room language has been removed. In addition, the language has changed regarding Expedia setting pricing for selling your rooms.

The New Agreement states: …You agree that Expedia will determine the total price of any Booking at its sole discretion.

The Old Contract states: …You acknowledge that Expedia will determine the total price of any Package Booking at its sole discretion.

Also, notice the clarification on “Best Available Rate” definition section.

Definition: Best Available Rate means for each room night booked by a guest through the Expedia System, the lowest restricted or unrestricted price (as applicable), not including Taxes, or other government-imposed fees or surcharges or Hotel Fees, at which such room night was offered by you through any booking channels, including your own and those of any third-party, on the date such room night was booked, including, without limitation, any special, discount, and/or promotional rates.

To read the entire blog which covers additional clauses in the Expedia contract:

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omg! Just hand over your business to US. Unbelievable. 

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Well, well. We’ve never signed up with them. Good reason not to. Does that one section actually say that Expedia will determine the price of your rooms, not you? Or, is it stating they can add on any extra fees they want? I know someone else said they cannot show the guest the actual price of the room and can only show what room was booked and for how many nights. So, they cannot use their standard reservation form because they don’t know how much the guest was charged.

 Hopefully John gets the new connection set up soon so we can pay google hotel to list us. However, imagine if the only way you could buy a car was if the dealership had to pay google to list their inventory.



What a long, strange trip it’s been.


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Actually, it means that they can put in a different price when it's a package.

I actually had to step in when they put an extra discount (out of their pocket) on my property because it got me in trouble with the parity clause on another OTA.

I'm glad I'm on the old contract... I agreed to a higher cost percentage but I don't have to give them any inventory.... at all. In fact, I've had them call to ask me for inventory... but that's not my deal... I give them inventory if I want to.


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