Lesson Learned

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Never again will I allow locals to host any event at my Inn again.

Always though it was good to have locals know you better for advertising purposes but no. How to nicely say this but most are not my type of clientele.

Twice in the past few years this girl has ask to host a baby shower here. First time what a disaster for my kitchen. I know but its open concept and a long story. This time I told her all foods had to be prepared off site that my kitchen was off limits. Inside house was ok nothing a mess really but the parking lot was full of cigarette butts and some other trash. Then I find where kids had tossed my pea gravel up on the pavilion deck and the balloons they had are stuck in my trees.

Why are people like that. They come into my place of business which its apparent that I care about and disrespect it and me. angry

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I think it’s the party mentality. Their own houses would look the same afterwards which is why they decide to let someone else clean up after it.


What a long, strange trip it’s been.


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